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Is It Too Late to Prepare for Florida Hurricane Season?

By Published On: December 4, 2023

Hurricane season is nearing its end in Florida, which means it is a great time to start prepping your home for next year’s storms. It’s also important to consider that while hurricanes pose the greatest threat to life and property, tropical storms and tropical depressions also can cause immense damage to your home. That’s why it is never too late to strengthen your home with The Window Experts in South Florida.

When is Hurricane Season in Florida?

According to the Florida Climate Center, hurricane season lasts for about half the year, beginning on June 1 and running through November 30. Hurricane season normally reaches its peak between August and October. However, some say the season unofficially starts in May, because several offseason storms, normally tropical storms or depressions, have occurred during this month.

It’s Never Too Late To Prepare For Hurricane Season 

The best time to prepare for the hurricane season is before it begins, but it’s never too late to start. A common misconception is that there are parts of the state that do not get hurricanes, which is not true. While the east coast of the state is the most heavily impacted, hurricanes and tropical storms can swing around the state and into the Gulf of Mexico, posing a threat to homes on the west coast. Areas in the center or northern part of the state can still feel the effects of a hurricane from hundreds of miles away. So no matter where you live, prepping for storms is a must for any homeowner in Florida. 

How Can The Window Experts Strengthen My Home?

Impact windows and doors are designed to withstand extreme wind pressure from the outside as well as projectiles that are blown into your home. If a window were to break in your home during a violent hurricane, the wind pressure would cause massive damage beginning with the weakest part of most concrete homes: the roof. Impact windows and doors can keep your family safe through the most treacherous storms while also saving you the effort of installing hurricane shutters when one is approaching. All of our installations are completed to meet the strict demands of the Florida Building Code. We also contract with a variety of manufacturers in order to make sure you get the right look and fit for your desired impact windows. 

Hurricane-Proof Your Florida Home With The Window Experts

Luckily, The Window Experts are often less busy towards the end of the hurricane season or when it’s over. Now is a great time to take advantage of our services, we can provide impact window and door installations for an affordable price to homeowners all over South Florida. We are committed to serving residents in Miami-Dade County to St. Lucie County. Contact us today at (561) 477-6659 for a free quote.

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