Sunrise Impact Windows Installation

Sunrise is one of the newer cities to be incorporated in South Florida but it is also one of the most populated. Sunrise was incorporated in 1961 (officially as the City of Sunrise in 1971) and it’s population of 84,439 makes it the 9th most populous city in Broward County. Sunrise was initially conceived as a residential community and it has mostly remained that way although it is now home to one of the largest shopping malls in America and many corporate headquarters.

Sunrise homeowners, like homeowners in other cities throughout South Florida, are very familiar with hurricanes after the very active years of 2004 and 2005. Both Hurricane Wilma and Frances impacted homes in and around Sunrise with heavy winds and rainfall. While many Sunrise homeowners have relied on aluminum shutters and plyboard as a means of hurricane protection, impact windows are a much a better solution. Our Sunrise impact windows provide the protection that you can rely on.

Impact Windows in Sunrise, FL

Using aluminum shutters or plyboard to cover windows is an outdated method of hurricane protection. Installing and removing these shutters anytime there is a threat of a hurricane is a time consuming endeavor that can be dangerous. Shutters and plyboard also completely block light from entering your home and obstructs potential exits from your home in case of a fire or other emergency. Accordion shutters remove some of the hassle involved with aluminum shutters and plyboard but they still require installation and can be aesthetic eye-sore.

Our Sunrise impact windows have none of these downsides as they just require a one-time installation and function like normal windows. Our hurricane windows in Sunrise can withstand not only the strongest of hurricanes, they can also withstand impacts from attempted break-ins or burglaries. You can think of our Sunrise impact windows as an investment into the security of your home, your peace of mind, and the value of your home. In addition to the added security and peace of mind you gain from the extra protection, our impact windows can increase the value of your Sunrise home when you decide to sell.

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