Log Cabins, Modern Living and Our Need for Windows

By Published On: December 7, 2017

abraham lincoln birthplace log cabinThe log cabin was perhaps made famous mostly by Abraham Lincoln:  

a symbol of the humble beginnings of our 16th President.  


Lincoln was indeed born in a single room log cabin on his father’s Sinking Spring Farm in Kentucky.  Pictures of the cabin were made famous in postcards, and by the replica of the cabin enshrined in the Memorial Building at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park located above the spring near Hodgenville, KY.  

For Abraham Lincoln’s father, building the simple log cabin wasn’t some ‘off-the-grid’ project that was done for fun or to get back to nature.  It was an extraordinarily utilitarian project:  provide shelter and protect the occupants from intrusion.  He had to build it himself  because there was no one else around to help build it for him; the whole world in the late 1700’s was ‘off-the-grid.’



Imagine using an axe and saw to cut down the logs needed, and then carrying those logs to the planned home site. Imagine debarking those logs by hand, then using an adze to start building the notches and smooth the limbs and knots.  Any holes to be drilled for pins to strengthen the structure had to be drilled by hand.

With all that work, it’s no surprise that the structure was small and basic.  


abe lincoln birth placeBut there’s one element that you’ll never see missing, even in the old-time log cabins:  the window.  Sure, it may be small—but it was always there. 

Now let’s consider these pioneer windows for a moment:  it wasn’t easy to frame the window out.  Most of the times, the pioneers didn’t have glass, so the window would be covered at best by paper stained with grease to make it translucent.  And, if you notice the bearskin tacked on the wall of the Lincoln cabin pictured on the postcard, it begs the question of why build in an opening that might let in all manner of critters.  A door—sure— definitely needed to get in and out.  

But another opening?   Why?

Houses—even simple log cabins— always have windows.  That’s because the need for a window on the world is a powerful instinct instilled in each and every one of us.  

We crave the light that comes through the window opening.  We like the connection to the outside world.  The sunlight shining through the window does more than warm up our homes—it warms our souls. In short, houses have windows because humans need them.  

Today’s homes are certainly not as typically modest as a log cabin.  But now just as then, today’s windows provide the light, warmth, and connection with the outside.



And today’s windows can do so much more.  Especially in Florida.

Florida Window Experts know that here in South Florida,  impact windows can provide the light and warmth from the sun, and fresh air ventilation when opened.  These same windows can even be tinted to block the sun’s rays where needed.  

But impact windows do more:  they provide protection.  Not only would Abraham Lincoln’s bear not have a chance getting through modern impact windows, but not even the strength of a hurricane will break them.  Nor a burglar!

Built-in Security

Impact windows do indeed double as a security system.  Shatterproof and hurricane resistant means anyone trying to break them to enter your house is also blocked out.

No worries about setting alarms, false alarms, and the cost of a security system.  You get peace of mind… and a view!


burglar near window

Keep the Sun’s Rays Out

 It’s true—in Florida we sometimes don’t need the warmth and light as much as others might.  Florida sun is strong—anyone who’s seen furniture become discolored from sunlight knows just how strong.  But impact resistant windows can block 99% of UV light, keep hot air out, and cool air in.  That means saving on electrical bills, too.


palm beach impact windows

No More Shutters or Plywood

 Once Florida Window Experts have installed your impact resistant windows, you’ll never need to close shutters or (shudder!) put up plywood again.


hurricane shutters installation


The Calm Before the Storm—and During!

  • Shutter-free, plywood free hurricane protection
  • Guard against intruders  
  • UV protection and lower electric bills—30-60% savings on AC alone!  
  • Lots of options including levels of Low-E for controlling the level of heat intrusion, glare, and brightness options.
  • Options from many installers, not just one.  

So your selections fit the way you live—the way you want.

Installations are ALWAYS performed by the dedicated installers at Florida Window Experts.  Count on them to take care of your home like it was their very own.  And because of this, Florida Window Experts offer you a Life Time Warranty!

Florida Window Experts.  Our windows pay for themselves.

Contact us at 561-477-6659 or visit floridawindowexperts.com/contact/ to ask questions or get a free estimate on hurricane impact resistant windows in South Florida


hurricane impact windows installer

Construction worker installing window in house




Florida Window Experts.  Our windows pay for themselves.

Contact us at 561-477-6659 or visit floridawindowexperts.com/contact/ to ask questions or get a free estimate on hurricane impact windows in South Florida




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