3 Reasons High Impact Windows are Indispensable in Florida

By Published On: February 27, 2020

hurricane impact windowsWhether you’re a native Floridian or you’ve only recently moved to Florida, surely you’ve heard about our on and off relationship with Hurricanes. You can’t live with them, and if you’re in Florida you can’t live without them. Everyone has different plans when a hurricane rolls around, most people put up shutters of some kind, and some people chance fate and do not put any protection up at all (don’t do this). We personally believe that above all, a quality high-impact window solution is the peace of mind that Floridians ought to enjoy. Here’s 3 reasons why!

1 – The Hurricane Season Has Become More Intense

The number of hurricanes that have been forming have been fairly consistent over time but the issue is that tropical cyclones in the North Atlantic have begun to rapidly intensify over the years. This means that in a given 24 hour period, hurricanes have been transforming much more quickly which makes them much more dangerous. A tropical cyclone that intensifies into a cat 1 or 2—even a 3 sometimes, can prove to be extremely troublesome for everyone involved. The Caribbean islands often get battered first and with little warning. This quick intensification causes the well-documented panic stateside in which within a day people transition from daily routines to hurried hurricane preparations.

These extremely quick storm escalations leave many people unprepared as what seems to be a mild hurricane can transform into a cat-4 overnight. People are busy enough as it is, and having to suddenly take time out of your day to put up shutters can be a big hassle. Our high-impact windows are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and the objects they turn into missiles. For many homes, windows are the weakest point, if the window shatters then air pressure will enter the home and tear it apart from the inside out. This is usually why roofs are torn off in compromised homes during intense storms.

2 – High Impact Windows Provide Temperature Insulation

Summer brings scorching temperatures to South Florida, with some days in the peak of summer exceeding 100 degrees with ample humidity as well. Stepping outside of the door to your home can feel like walking into a brick wall of heat. A huge benefit that high impact windows bring is energy savings and temperature insulation. Hurricane resistant glass is impact-resistant because it is a thick glass pane sporting multiple layers. A huge benefit to this thickness is the temperature insulation it brings. It’s not unusual to be running the air conditioning in Florida for much of the year compared to other cooler states, and so saving energy and money is important whenever possible.

Having high impact windows that can mitigate temperature bleeding will not only save you money and prove to be a more eco-friendly option but will result in more consistent temperatures in your home which adds to your comfort.

One thing that is not often discussed is that high impact windows will also insulate sound as well. Who doesn’t want better sleep and peace of mind?

3 – They Add To Your Home’s Protection

While much of the focus on the utility of these windows is protecting your home from objects flung by hurricane-force winds, consider too that these windows can protect against petty burglary attempts. The first point of entry for a burglar is typically to cut or smash a window when you’re not home.

These windows are designed to withstand 140mph winds and their accompanying projectiles, someone chucking a rock at them only for it to bounce back will likely decide your home is not worth the trouble.

South Florida High Impact Window Installation

When it comes to high impact window solutions, The Window Experts have the solutions you need. We’ve been in business for over 10 years and for good reason. We offer Hurricane Impact Windows for a variety of different homes and window types. Our experts will come to your home to assess the dimensions so we can secure and install a perfect fit.

If you’re seeking hurricane impact windows in Palm Beach, Broward, or Dade county, contact The Window Experts today to get started on securing your home!

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