Hurricane Window Myths and What Not to Do

By Published On: February 15, 2021

We’ve written a lot about our FL hurricane impact windows, but we’ve also tried to share some practical tips on what to do when a hurricane comes and how to cope after a storm passes.

Today we’re going to take a different route. When a disaster happens, it’s just as important to recognize what steps to avoid as it is to know what steps to take.

Here’s what NOT to do during a hurricane.

  • If you own an inground pool, don’t empty it. Heavy rains can cause the water table to rise and push the pool up and out of the ground.
  • If the storm knocks out the power, don’t use candles to light your home. They can be a fire hazard.
  • Never use gas or charcoal grills to cook indoors.
  • Don’t connect generators directly to your electrical system, as this can electrify your power lines, putting utility workers and bystanders in danger. Don’t touch metal fences once the storm is done, as they could be touching downed electrical lines.
  • If you see animals wandering around once the storm has passed, don’t approach them. They might be domesticated, but the stress of the storm can make them agitated and cause them to bite.
  • And don’t let your own pets out without a leash. Some of the landmarks in your neighborhood might be gone, causing them to become disoriented and lost.
  • Don’t try driving through flowing water. It only takes six inches of moving water to sweep your car away.
  • Don’t stay at home once an evacuation is ordered. If you head to a shelter, do not bring guns, pets or alcohol.
  • If you smell gas in your home after returning following evacuation, don’t linger. Open the windows, get out and call your utility company.

Dispelling hurricane window myths

There are a few myths surrounding windows and hurricanes that we thought we should clear up:

  • Myth — You can prevent windows from breaking by taping them up.
  • Fact — Even with tape windows can still break, just in a few big pieces instead of several smaller bits.


  • Myth — If you lean against a window during a storm, you can prevent it from breaking.
  • Fact — Unless you have superhuman strength and healing abilities, this is only going to get you hurt (and leave your windows broken).


  • Myth –Leaving windows cracked open will help relieve pressure during the storm.
  • Fact — Leaving windows open will let strong, violent gusts of wind into the house, actually causing more pressure and putting your entire structure at risk


  • Myth — You only need to put boards over windows that face the water.
  • Fact — Hurricanes move in all directions, spinning and rotating and throwing debris in every direction.

South FL Hurricane Impact Windows

At the Window Experts, we know how stressful the time before, during and after a hurricane can be and how hard you work to keep your family and home safe. We want to help.

We’ve been in business since 2009 and are armed with more than four decade’s experience in installing high impact hurricane windows in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Our experts will visit your home, assess its dimensions and work with you on picking the right windows for you and your property. Contact us today to learn more.

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