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Working with your Community During Hurricane Season

By Published On: March 24, 2022

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s the importance of community during a crisis. While we have gained a lot from the individuation of our culture, we are undoubtedly stronger together. When it comes to living in the state most battered by the annual Atlantic hurricane season in florida, promoting togetherness can go a long way.

When driving around Florida, one can see countless examples of how people try to protect their homes from hurricane damage. Whether it’s the hurricane proof windows in Palm Beach County, or the hurricane shutters common to the High-Velocity Hurricane Zones, there are plenty of examples of individual efforts. Although one thing that may not be immediately visible is the community efforts, which are truly the backbone of support during these kinds of crises.

Whether you’re new to the neighborhood, or just wondering how you can help further, here’s a look at how you can work with your community during the annual hurricane season.

Preparing for Hurricane Season in Florida Starts with Your Neighbors

Unless you’re already in a local community group, the best place to start helping your community is with your neighbors. It’s best to meet there before offering to help, so if you can you might consider inviting them all over for a BBQ or even organizing some sort of picnic or event. Once you’re past the awkward introductions, you can consider the following.

Ensuring their Well-Equipped

Hurricane proof installations like windows and shutters aren’t cheap and in place of having them, people will often damage their house trying to attach plywood boards to windows and doors. To help with this, you might consider organizing a local fundraiser for those people in the area without good hurricane protection. Otherwise, in some cases, you may simply need to help them find the right option for their home, be sure to shop around for hurricane proof windows in Palm Beach County as the prices can vary.

Beyond having their home equipped, they will also need enough supplies to thrive, should the hurricane cause serious damage. Unlike the hurricane windows, emergency supplies are much easier to gather and a well-organized supply drop can save lives.

Keep in Contact Before/During/After Hurricanes

Hurricanes are not only physically devastating, but they can also be emotionally and mentally devastating. These situations tend to put us under levels of stress, we’re not all built to handle.

Organize both an online and offline method of communication amongst your neighbors. For online, you may consider using a Facebook or Telegram group to keep in contact. For offline, you may consider organizing meeting points when safe or utilizing radio communication or walkie-talkies.

Hurricane Season in Florida and Community Organizations

Chances are, there are already organizations out there trying to help people in your community prepare for the hurricane season. There are several things you can do to further bolster their efforts and to make a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate in your community.

Volunteer your Time

One of the most valuable things you can give a charity organization is your time. Often these organizations will have plenty of supplies, but may not have enough volunteers to help distribute them. Just a few hours a week, or even a few hours each month, can make a huge difference to the efforts of local organizations.

Spread Awareness

One of the biggest hurdles that charitable organizations face is a lack of awareness on both the part of those who can donate their time and money and those who can benefit from it. By intentionally spreading awareness of an organization, you may be able to encourage others to volunteer their time or may help those in need find the help they require.

Shop Locally

This one might seem a bit moot in comparison with the other two points, but it does still make a difference. By shopping locally, you will be supporting the local economy, which in turn benefits most people within it. Thanks to the globalization of the internet, many people are opting for cheap alternatives to products that can be purchased from people you may already know in the community.

Preparing for Hurricane Season in Florida with Hurricane Proof Windows In Palm Beach County

By buying hurricane proof windows in Palm Beach County or wherever you call home, you will not only be supporting a local business, but also the staff who may live in your area. To learn more about our products and services, contact us today!

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