Hurricane Proof Windows on side of home in Palm Beach

The Risks of Using DIY or Cheap Hurricane Protection

By Published On: January 20, 2022

Modern production methods have completely changed the market for all kinds of goods, with mass manufacturing encouraging the creation of cheap alternatives to functional items. This has resulted in a proliferation of low-quality items which appear to serve the same function as their expensive counterparts. While in some instances these cheap alternatives may be safe, when it comes to hurricane protection for windows, cheap or DIY alternatives can actually be dangerous.

Coastal Florida, while beautiful, comes with the annual reality of devastating hurricanes rolling through town causing untold damage. Hence the importance of hurricane-proof windows Palm Beach County and in other High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) throughout Florida. While it may seem like common sense why quality hurricane protection is important, it can help to consider the risks of using cheap alternatives.

Here is an overview of the risks that you pose to your home and family by using cheap or DIY hurricane protection on your home.

Types of Hurricane Protection for Windows

Hurricane protection comes in a range of different forms, but can be broken down into the following: windows, doors, and shutters.

Hurricane Proof Windows

Put simply, hurricane-proof windows are impact-resistant windows that utilize a variety of technologies that help to keep both the window intact and the frame in place. If you want to see examples of the many different kinds of hurricane-proof windows Palm Beach County is the ideal place, as it is a HVHZ that requires that level of protection.

Hurricane Proof Doors

As with the windows, hurricane-proof doors are impact-resistant and utilize both the frame and the door itself to keep both debris and high speed winds out. There are a few different kinds of hurricane-proof doors to suit the entryways in your home, from front and side doors to patio doors. Again, PBC seems to be a great place to view some of these hurricane proof doors due to the potential of high-velocity winds.

Hurricane Proof Shutters

These are more common throughout the rest of Florida, as impact windows or doors may not be necessary even during the hurricane season. Shutters give homeowners the ability to implement hurricane protection when they want. They can be fixed on the sides of windows, or can even come as automated rolling shutters which can be operated by the touch of a button.

Cheap and DIY Hurricane Protection for Windows

The world of cheap alternatives has enabled countless people access to products which can actually enhance their lives. Although when it comes to something as serious as hurricane protection, relying on cheap or DIY options unnecessarily puts you, your family, and home at risk.

Plywood Panels

Plywood has been relied upon as a form of affordable hurricane protection for countless people over the years. It’s an affordable material which is light and easy enough to nail onto the outside of your house, although there are definite drawbacks which have made modern shutters preferable. Plywood offers little to no impact protection, so if some piece of debris does hit it, chances are it will buckle and split and allow that debris to carry on to impact your window or door. Plywood panels are usually nailed or screwed into the exterior of the house, which damages the weatherboards and can allow leaks in the home.

Fabric Hurricane Panel

A more recent alternative in the world of hurricane protection, fabric hurricane panels are supposedly easy to install and claim to offer impact protection. Although if you’ve ever stretched fabric over anything, you will know that it doesn’t take that much to pierce it. These panels also need some way of attaching to your house, which can again cause permanent damage to the external surface, subsequently threatening to cause problems internally.

Hurricane Protection for Windows in Palm Beach County

More commonly known as ‘Safety and Security Window Film’, this is essentially a plastic layer which is stuck onto the outside of the window. Not offering much in the way of stopping impact, this film is similar to what’s used inside hurricane-proof windows to stop them from shattering. The idea behind hurricane window film is to bolster the existing windows, but most standard windows offer virtually no impact resistance. For a free impact window assessment give us a call today!

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