Hurricane Proof Windows that Don’t Forgo Style

By Published On: July 10, 2021

If you’re a resident of the great state of Florida, then you will have first hand experience in knowing the importance of hurricane proof windows in Palm Beach County. Residents should be especially acquainted with the imperative nature of such windows, although many fret about the aesthetic nature of them.

It is fair to assume that once upon a time hurricane proof windows and shutters were bulbous, ugly, and detrimentally affected the curb-appeal of homes. Thanks to advancements in technology and methodology, this has changed drastically. We are now able to provide protection to our homes and family, while not forgoing the intrinsic beauty of the property.

Here are some kinds of hurricane proof windows which can actually improve the look of your home.

Invest in the Aesthetics of Your Home

There are several budget hurricane proofing options available nowadays which can offer temporary or short-term protection from hurricanes at a fraction of the price. The major problem with these options is that they are generally not very long-lived, nor are they sustainable, as the cheaper materials used aren’t often recyclable.

When looking at installing hurricane proof windows, always consider the purchase to be an investment in the health and safety of your family, as well as an aesthetic addition which boosts the value too. While you may have to go a bit beyond your initial budget to do this, you will save in the long run on less repairs, and in some instances savings on electricity bills.

Hurricane Proof Window Styles

Hurricane proof windows, also known as impact windows, are a type of window which is resistant to a certain amount of wind and impact. This does not mean they are unbreakable though, rather that when they do break they are generally less dangerous due to a film of plastic which can hold much of the glass together.

These kinds of windows have developed several different styles which have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Single Hung Windows

These can be considered your ‘everyday’ or ‘normal’ windows which consist of two panes of glass. The fixed pane of glass is called a lite, and the bottom one sliding vertically upwards to open the window is called a sash. This style of window is ideal for most standard-sized openings, and is usually the most affordable option.


Single hung windows can be configured in a few different ways, which can completely change the style. A common configuration is the Oriel style single hung windows, which will have the sash (the bottom panel of glass) at 25% or 33% of the window height. Arch top and semi-circle styles are also possible on single hung windows.

Double Hung Windows

Remarkably similar to single hung windows, instead with two moving panes rather than just the one. This can be helpful where more airflow is required, such as in the kitchen. The extra moving pane does increase the cost of these windows a bit more, so opting for a mix of single and double hung windows may be a cost-effective way of utilizing them.


Although double hung windows don’t allow as much configuration as single hung, there are design styles which can be applied. These are grid patterns which can be applied to your window to match the following styles: Colonial, Perimeter, Prairie, Cross and Victorian.

Horizontal Sliding / Rolling Windows

These are essentially hung windows which have been turned on their side, and are generally substantially bigger than typical hung windows. The large size allows for much more airflow, and may be more suited to give light to bigger spaces such as a lounge.


These kinds of windows can come in three distinct configurations depending on your needs. The most common is a two lite slider where one is fixed and one is operable. Although on larger openings, a three lite slider is possible with a sliding lite on either side of a fixed lite. This style is also commonly referred to as “Slide-Picture-Slide”.

Casement Windows

This kind of window is another incredibly common style which functions as most typical doors do, by opening inwards or outwards on hinges. This allows for maximum possible ventilation and airflow, and also has the most minimal framing, making it one of the cleanest styles.


Casement windows can come in any number of different styles, which usually depends on the manufacturer. The typically customisable features are the frame, the placement and style of the handle and lock, and any patterns one wants on the window. I’ve always preferred the full-view casement window style as I want to be able to see the beautiful outdoors in all its glory.

Hurricane Proof Windows Palm Beach County

These are just some of the more common types of hurricane proof windows we offer in Palm Beach County and beyond. For any information about how we can help you decide on or install any hurricane proof windows, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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