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Hurricane Proof Windows: Protection You Can Count On

By Published On: May 23, 2022

Hurricane season is right around the corner, and it’s time to think about hurricane-proof windows in Palm Beach County FL.  We are your Florida window experts, and our hurricane-proof windows are designed to give you the protection from a hurricane that you can count on. From June to November, hurricanes can appear on your doorstep at any moment. By providing impeccable service to Palm Beach County residents, we’ll make sure that you are more than satisfied with our work. Our hurricane-proof windows can help you weather the relentless power of hurricanes and tropical storms. Overcoming the worry of flooding and the damage caused by mighty storms isn’t easy. But we know that some of your fears will vanish when you replace your old, unprotected windows with our hurricane-proof windows. Here is why hurricane proof windows are the protection you can always count on!

Does Your Home Meet The Hurricane Codes?

Florida’s building codes are complicated; however, we understand the complexities of the codes and how they apply to your project. We calculate wind loads, impact ratings, and airflow to ensure our products meet the required regulations. We’ll help you determine if your windows meet the code and provide you with a free estimate if an upgrade is necessary. We aim to save you potential headaches down the line, by making sure your new windows meet the standards. The Window Experts, located in Palm Beach County, offer attractive and functional windows that you will love. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the Palm Beach County community since 2010.

It is important to us that your hurricane-proof window installation goes swimmingly. And as your leading window installation company in South Florida, we have helped countless families weather the storm.

Suggestions For Protecting Your Home

Hire A Landscaping Company

Cutting back mature trees and shrubs located close to your home will help protect your home from dangerous flying debris.

Purchase and install a generator

Downed power lines are common during a severe tropical storm or hurricane. Plus, you could be without power for hours or days at a time. A new generator that automatically switches on when an outage is detected will keep your lights on through the storm.

Replace Your Old Windows With Hurricane-Proof Windows

When you buy a home in Palm Beach County, FL., make sure to examine your windows. While all homes in Florida were required to be built according to Florida’s hurricane code, there may be a chance your windows do not meet the code.

Review Your Homeowner’s Policy

Window replacement should be part of any homeowner’s insurance policy, so you may be able to negotiate coverage for hurricane-proof windows in Palm Beach County FL.

Protection You Can Count On: Hurricane-Proof Windows In Palm Beach County FL

Contact Florida Window Experts and receive a free quote if you find out that hurricane-proof windows are necessary to bring your new home up to code.



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