The Facts about Hurricane Certified Windows & Doors

By Published On: December 19, 2022

Windows that are resistant to impact such as hurricane certified windows in Palm Beach County offer various benefits in addition to shielding your home from the destructive force of hurricanes. 

Using laminated glass ensures that these windows will not shatter, providing you and your loved ones with an additional layer of defense from projectiles that may be in the air.

A home’s energy efficiency will increase as a result of the installation of hurricane-proof windows, allowing you to spend less money on your monthly energy bill. Hurricane-proof windows are also good for lowering the amount of noise that comes from the outside. 

You have access to a virtually infinite number of design alternatives, which allows you to pick the one that complements the architectural design of your house and gives it a more inviting appearance.

hurricane certified windows being installed by service professional from The Window Experts

Can Hurricane Certified Windows Stop a Bullet?

It’s not true that all windows are made the same. Hurricane-proof windows in Palm Beach County are designed to withstand the force of strong winds and flying objects. Because stopping gunshots is not the purpose of an impact window, testing it in that capacity is not the best use of one’s time. 

The thickness of the bulletproof glass is often greater than that of impact window glass, plus the design of the two types of glass is distinct in order to accommodate their respective functions.

Hurricane windows are treated with a laminate that prevents the glass from breaking but does not stop a bullet from passing through them. 

These windows are designed to protect against flying debris caused by hurricane winds. So, to answer your question, no, hurricane or impact windows aren’t bulletproof.

What Hurricane Certified Windows Can Do for Your Home

For good reason, hurricane certification is required for any and all windows in Palm Beach County and South Florida. 

It is not even a question of whether a hurricane will pose a risk at some point in the future; rather, this is an absolute certainty. It is going to take place and when it occurs, each and every one of us needs to be ready.

Hurricane certification requirements were developed to help avoid issues that come with these dangerous storms, before they happen. These standards ensure that people’s homes and places of business are equipped with windows and doors that are robust, well-built, and waterproof in the event that a hurricane passes through the area. 

Hurricane certification can do the following:

  • Hurricane-certified windows are capable of withstanding a certain level of air pressure (for residential spaces, a maximum of 75 lbs. per square foot)
  • The windows are able to endure water pressure that is both severe and sustained without permitting any water to flow through the glazing 
  • The windows remain intact even after being struck by a two-by-four traveling at a speed of fifty feet a second

According to FEMA, one of the common failure spots on windows is the glazing, thus it is essential to keep in mind that the hurricane window certification assessment evaluates all components of a window, including the materials that were used throughout the installation process. 

When your hurricane windows are being installed, you need to make sure that the contractor is using the appropriate installation procedures and materials.

What Ballistic Windows Can Do

Ballistic glass is a broad term that can refer to a variety of glass products that are resistant to penetration of weapons or attacks. This type of glass is frequently referred to as “bulletproof” glass. 

However, no such goods should legitimately be promoted as “bulletproof” because doing so suggests that bullets will ricochet off the glass surface. In truth, the vast majority of ballistic windows are “bullet-resistant,” meaning that they actually absorb the impact of a bullet.

Ballistic windows are designed to deflect the initial rounds fired by an assailant, slowing them down and giving people who are inside more time to flee to safety. 

Ballistic windows are designed to withstand multiple rounds of fire from a firearm before they become vulnerable to penetration. However, they cannot withstand an ongoing onslaught of gunfire.

Call the Florida Window Experts to Install Hurricane Certified Windows in Palm Beach County

If you are interested in purchasing windows that are extremely strong, you should get in touch with a windows specialist to obtain information about the thickness of the glass and the overall design aspects. 

When shopping for windows for your house, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the specifics before making a purchase.

Florida Window Experts has a range of impact-resistant windows that can address your specific needs. We take pride in providing high-quality services that are tailored to your requirements and spending limits. 

The members of our team have technical skills and decades of experience in the field. We always put the needs of the consumer first.

Contact us today and add an additional layer of safety to your property!

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