Competitive Pricing On Palm Beach Impact Windows

When looking for Palm Beach impact windows and selecting the right company, rest assured you are in good hands with The Florida Window Experts. Some Palm Beach Window Companies overcharge for the same brands we offer. The Window Experts give you an affordable price without taking away from the quality of work. Window installation is a messy time consuming job. Our installers are well trained professionals who have seen it all. We will be in and out of your Palm Beach home installing your desired impact windows quickly and successfully.

All hurricane impact window installations are permitted by the appropriate municipality and are completed to the strictest demands of the Florida Building Code – Coastal region (FBC) and the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ).

Why Is Hurricane Protection Important?

Our houses are designed and built to withstand tremendous wind pressure for the outside. There are both positive and negative wind pressures. Negative pressure is like the lift on an airplane’s wing allowing it to fly. The Wood Frame structure of your house will withstand all the pressures of a category 4 or 5 hurricane is no openings are breached. A Concrete Block and Stucco (CBS) house will withstand a category 5 hurricane as long as no openings are breached.

What Can Happen During A Palm Beach Hurricane

If the building envelope is breached through a broken window or loose door, wind pressure will enter the building causing a very sudden and formidable increase in pressure. The positive pressure coming in adds to the stress on the structure where the negative is pulling at the structure. The sudden punch from all that additional air pressure, the sudden punch of positive force added to the existing negative force, will tear apart the weakest part of the building. On a Concrete Block Structured home, the weakest part is the roof. It gets torn apart piece by piece. This is also known as a CBS house. As the building is torn apart from the inside out the wind may push out other windows and walls. By the time the all clear is called, you may not have a habitable home in which to live.

Wood Frame building fare much poorer. Since we know the sudden punch of positive force added to the existing negative force will tear apart the weakest part of the building. Understand how Wood Frame houses are constructed. The roof may go but the walls will likely go first. Wood Frame houses tend to suffer total collapse once the building envelope is breached

More Benefits Of Impact Windows In Palm Beach County

The biggest benefit of hurricane impact windows is the hurricane protection. Besides the added real estate value, added security and insurance & energy savings – the hurricane protection cannot be understated. Have you ever heard of the missile test? Well one of the biggest dangers during a Palm Beach hurricane are not just the hurricane for winds, but the ability for the storm to launch projectiles at or through your home! It sounds scary and it is! But it is also a realistic occurrence that happens quite often when these treacherous storms do make landfall in Palm Beach. We call it the missile test because hurricane have the ability to launch these large projectiles at over 175 mph. See the video below.

PALM BEACH Quality IMPACT WINDOWS on home in Hurricane

Impact Windows

Impact windows in Palm Beach county are an important commodity. In fact, it cannot be understated.

Palm Beach County FL home with replacement windows

Replacement Windows

The Window Experts offer a variety of impact and non-impact windows in Palm Beach County.

Impact Sliding Doors in Palm Beach County ocean front home

Impact Sliding Glass Doors

These impact doors can also be installed with special sidelites for additional sunlight for your home.


Impact Entry Doors

When choosing an hurricane impact entry doors company it is important to choose a professional and credible business.

I want to thank you for a wonderful job. I have had 6 other contractors here over the last 2 years and you are the only one who did exactly what you promised, when you said you would
Lynn & Allan, Palm Beach Gardens
I can’t thank you enough for facilitating the sign off on the window and concrete permit. You did an incredible job of following through with a totally inept City Hall.
Melody - PhD, Boca Raton
To the staff at Window Experts, I thank you all for an outstanding experience doing business with you!! True professionals from sales to ownership to office staff and of course the installers.
Jim B., Boynton Beach

My husband and I are very happy with the Simonton Impact Windows installed by the Window Experts. Living in South Florida we are well aware of the threat of hurricanes and now we feel better protected that all our windows and sliding glass doors are energy efficient impact windows. Having the windows double hung makes cleaning more efficient as well. We just had the inspector out from the County and we passed inspection! We highly recommend both Simonton Impact Windows and the entire team at Window Experts. Thank you!

Nathalee E.

We were planning to replace our older windows with impact windows and found The Window Experts, Inc. at a home show. It was an excellent experience working with them from time of order to completed installation. It took longer than expected because of supply chain issues, but Annette handled all the paperwork and kept me updated on the status of the project through eventual scheduling of installation. We are very happy with the quality of the windows and the installation. The installers even took care to cover and protect all furnishings around the work areas making clean up easy. I highly recommend The Window Experts, Inc. for all your window replacements,

Joe K.

Window Experts is a family owned business. I first met them at a trade show and it was a good match. I selected replacement windows and a sliding door. Within a few weeks everything was delivered and installed. I highly like their work.

Josh P.,

Highly Recommend!
Dan is extremely knowledgeable in window repair and installation. He went above and beyond to replace a difficult warranty replacement window and did a great job.The office staff April and Annette are very efficient and responsive as well. Don’t hesitate to use this company for windows and repairs!

Lori W.,

The Florida Window Experts did an amazing job on our home. The installation crew was fantastic clean, respectable, the process was flawless. Mike, our salesman was great and Annette was so helpful on the phone. I would recommend them to anyone taking on a windows project. They did an amazing job!!!

Hanina K.,

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