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Balancing Form and Function in Hurricane Windows

By Published On: November 22, 2021

For thousands of years, humans have been adorning their houses with features that provide both practical and aesthetic value. These have evolved over time, and since the industrial revolution, they have become more accessible and affordable. This has allowed every homeowner the ability to accentuate the beauty of their homes, while also making it more conducive to their daily life.

While some household features started out as an eyesore, many have become refined and can serve a variety of practical uses while still looking great. A classic example of this is the hurricane proof windows Palm Beach County residents utilize, which keep rubble and wind out with contemporary grace. Inspired by this, we believe that everyone in Florida should be able to add hurricane proof windows to their home which add to its aesthetic value.

Here is a look at the form and function of hurricane windows and how you can utilize them to not only suit the expected hurricane strengths in your area, but augment its beauty in the process.


While it may seem obvious, there are several different aspects to the function of modern hurricane proof windows. Also known as impact windows, they can: increase energy efficiency, reduce external noise, be easier to operate, and offer protection from things other than hurricanes.

Energy Efficiency

The technology which gives hurricane proof windows their impact resistance is usually a film between two panels of glass that holds the pane together. The panels of glass are usually treated and coated in different ways to offer strength, but some coatings can also offer energy efficiency. If you’re looking for hurricane proof windows Palm Beach County, for example, you will benefit from a coating that reduces thermal transfer, as that lowers the necessity for HVAC systems to cool the house.

Look for Energy-Efficient rated windows, or ask about a low-emissivity glaze on any hurricane windows you want to install. While this may be more beneficial in particularly sunny areas, it can be greatly beneficial in those houses with poor airflow or older houses which don’t have much ventilation.

Reducing External Noise

As they are generally double-glazed by nature, most hurricane proof windows come with the added bonus of offering a reduction of outside noise. Whether you live in a noisy neighborhood or have kids that love playing outside, this can be a great way to stay focused on your remote work.

Easier to Operate

Thanks to the use of lightweight metals, and despite their supposed weight due to their ability to stop impacts, hurricane proof windows prove easier to open and close than some standard windows. This is especially true if you still have the original windows in your house, and even more so if they’re made of wood which tends to warp over time and make it difficult to operate them.

On top of this, the installation of hurricane proof windows Palm Beach County or in any other High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), can mean you don’t need to board the windows for your average hurricane. Saving you precious time to get your family and yourself to a safe part of the house or the bunker.


While offering protection from hurricanes for the annual season may be enough to make them worth it, hurricane proof windows also offer general protection to your home and family. They do so by making it incredibly difficult for burglars to break into your home, and can also stop a kicked ball from crashing through the window into expensive ornaments. Not only this, by staying together in one piece due to the plastic coating between the panes, cleaning up is much safer and easier.


With so much function which is relevant to any and everyone in the great state of Florida, it’s fair to say that form is secondary, but it doesn’t have to be! Modern hurricane proof technology isn’t limited to just windows, you can also find hurricane-proof doors and hurricane proof patio doors. Be sure to check out the full range of products on offer, and work with your partner (or a creative friend) in finding the right fit for your house.

Consider it an Investment in your Home and Family

Perhaps the most important thing one should remember when looking at different hurricane proof windows is that it’s an investment in both your home and family. Your home will benefit aesthetically from contemporary windows, and the installation of them can increase the value of your home. Your family will benefit from the many functions of the windows which can enhance daily life in the house.


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