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While the initial investment may be slightly higher for Double Hung windows over Single Hung windows, the quality and features are worth the added value. The long-term cost is usually lower for the higher quality Double Hung windows over Single Hung windows after factoring in energy savings and maintenance over just a few years. The Window Experts, Inc. Showroom is in Boca Raton, FL. We are serving all of Palm Beach, Broward, and Martin Counties.

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What Are Double Hung Impact Windows?

Double Hung Windows are vertical sliding windows. Hurricane approved Double Hung Impact windows are comprised of 2 lites, an upper and a lower movable sash. The Sashes in Impact Double Hung Windows are widows are the parts that opens. A sash is “hung” on a balancer to support the weight of the glass and frame to allow the user to easily lift it up and slide it down. Usually the sashes on Impact Double Hung Windows easily tilt-in sash for easy cleaning and easy maintenance. Hurricane approved Impact Double Hung Windows are usually considered traditional windows to give your home a traditional look.


Impact Double Hung Windows & Their Screens

The screen on Impact Double Hung Windows is a “full screen” since both upper and lower sash opens. One can ventilate the room by opening the sash from the top down and the bottom up for some air circulation. In buggy South Florida, a full screen is desirable to enjoy the fresh air without the bugs entering your home.

To clean a Hurricane Impact Double Hung Window on the outside simply requires tilting in each sash, cleaning with window cleaner and tilting back into palace. There is no need to go outside in the dirt and mud and fight spiders and other wildlife to enjoy clean windows. There is also no need to remove the screen to clean your windows. With Impact Double Hung Windows from The Window Experts, Inc. it’s so convenient and easy to have clean their windows we spoil ourselves with beautiful clean Impact Windows all year long. The ventilation from an Impact Double Hung Window is similar to Impact Single hung windows. It’s limited to about forty percent of the space of the opening. Ten percent of the space is lost due to the overlap of the meeting rail.

Keep in mind with Hurricane Impact Windows the frames and meeting rails are much heavier and beefier that the old flimsy non-impact windows. Since we can ventilate the room by opening the sash from the top down and the bottom up, we get a little more air into the house. On the ground floor the upper sash will invite more air into the home then the lower sash. The greater distance off the ground, and inches matter, the more ventilation we get. We also get less dirt blowing in the wind through the top sash.

Design Options for Double Hung Hurricane Windows Palm Beach

There are several design options for hurricane-approved impact Impact Double Hung Windows There are various grid patterns that are used to give different looks. Grid patterns are typically Colonial, Perimeter, Prairie, Cross, and Victorian. There are many various custom grid patterns that The Window Experts can order especially for you.

With old aluminum windows and with monolithic, single pane glass the muntins or the material that makes the grid is usually applied to the surface of the glass. Everyone hates cleaning all those little squares on the windows. It makes cleaning so difficult people have gotten used to having dirty windows. Applied grids are supposed to simulate the old days when a window was made up of small pieces of glass. The various small pieces of glass were glazed together with a muntin. The various small lites of glass between the muntins formed the grid pattern desired. With our Impact Double Hung Windows with Laminated plus Insulated glass we can place the grid muntins inside the window between the glass. Now you only have one large easy-to-clean pane of glass to take care of. It becomes even easier to have clean windows again!

Impact Double Hung Windows with insulated glass when combined with the ultimate spectrally reflective coating creates a glass that reflects or stops almost all the heat from getting inside. Simonton Window Company makes the best Impact Double Hung approved in Florida. They have created ProSolar Shade Glass. Hurricane-tested and approved Impact ProSolar Shade Glass has the lowest SHGC and U-Factor in the market today.

Benefits of Double Hung Style Impact Windows

A Double Hung window has two sashes or “Lites”, one above the other. This is a vertical sliding window where both sashes will slide to open.

Double hung are beneficial for a number of reasons. They can provide better air flow through the window area. On some houses the upper sash can be left open for ventilation even on rainy days. Many brands of Double Hung windows have tilt in sash feature for easy cleaning. Our Simonton Double Hung has both sashes available for tilt in, easy access. Another advantage in easier, lower cost maintenance in the event of broken or cracked glass. With the tilt in feature, both sashes can be lifted out. Simply toss out the old broken sash and drop in the new factory replacement sash.

Screens on Double Hung windows can be Full Screens. Since both sashes open. In buggy South Florida keeping the bugs out while enjoying the fresh air is a wonderful thing. Screens are on the outside of the window.

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