Casement Windows

Casement Windows

When you get your Free In-Home Consultation, we will review the sizes and configurations of your home and compare that to the recommended applications of the various windows. We will then be able to guide you through the process of selections the best window for your home.


A Casement Window has hinges on the side that allows the window to swing out. They are opened with a crank located near the window sill. Casement windows have been popular for years for the ventilation benefits. It is the only window that allows 100% ventilation. Often casement style is selected by designers to compliment many decorative styles.

Two or more casement windows can be joined side to side to fill large opening. The swing of the windows can be configured to give the “French” look where the two windows will swing open away from the center.

For High Rise and upper floors there is also a “Easy Clean” hinge. This is when the hinge is off set from the edge 5 or 6 inches. With the window open all the way, someone can reach out and clean the window from the inside of the home.

Screens on Casement windows are Full Screens since the entire window vent opens. And since the vents swing out, the screens are on the inside of the window.

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