True Love as Seen Through a Window


Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is almost certainly the most famous love story of all time.  At the risk of giving away the ending, the deaths of the two young star-crossed lovers is the catalyst that ends the feud between their families. 

The play is believed to have been written between 1591 and 1595.   Once produced, it was popular for it’s time and has become legendary since.  Romeo and Juliet has been adapted tens of thousands of times for stage presentations, films, musicals and the opera.  The most notable musical was Westside Story.  Yes it was based on Romeo and Juliet!  Over the last 100 years alone Romeo and Juliet has received film treatments as diverse as the George Cukor’s 1935 effort; Franco Zeffirelli‘s 1968 version, and Baz Luhrmann‘s 1996 film.  Baz upped the hip-quotient with a then-MTV look and subtle retitling to Romeo + Juliet.

Perhaps the most famous scene is this one:  Juliet standing on her balcony, Romeo in the garden below, both of them bathed in the late evening moonlight.  You’ve seen it, or an oft-parodied version.

romeo and juliet

You most certainly know the famous lines.  But before we examine those, let’s put this all into context:

Romeo, a Montague, and Juliet, a Capulet, have met at a masquerade party at Juliet’s home.  The Montagues and Capulets are a pair of feuding families, so Romeo and his friends had to sneak into the party uninvited.  When Romeo saw Juliet it was love at first sight— and that goes for Juliet as well.  Romeo is love-smitten to the point that after the party he ditches his R-Squad and jumps over the Capulet garden wall…  All in hopes of a glimpse of Juliet.

And he gets it.  As Romeo hides in the garden, he spies Juliet and says the immortal line:

‘But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.’

‘O Romeo, Romeo! {W}herefore art thou Romeo? ‘

Romeo hears all of this from below the balcony, no doubt pleasing him to no end and setting into motion the tale of the star-crossed lovers.

romeo and juliet balcony sceneTHE BALCONY SCENE

The balcony scene is truly iconic.  But there is only one question:  Where is the balcony?

Yes, as written by Shakespeare, there is no balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet.  The word ‘balcony’ never appears in Shakespeare’s play.  Matter of fact, the word ‘balcony’ does not appear in any play by Shakespeare, and with good reason:  there were no balconies at all anywhere in Shakespeare’s England.

Yes, you can verify this by reading the Bard’s entire oeuvre and exploring the world of architecture in Great Britain in the late 1500’s.  Your cynicism is understood:  the balcony scene is that iconic.

But would you trust the  Oxford English Dictionary?  According to it, the word ‘balcony’ itself didn’t exist in English until the early 17th century.   It was then spelled as ‘balcone’ (and is believed to be originally a Germanic word) and even in that form didn’t appear until decades after Romeo and Juliet was written and almost certainly after Shakespeare died in 1616.

So how could a non-existent balcony come to be so associated with Romeo and Juliet?

The answer, of course, has less to do with this work for the theater than the theatrics of producing the play—simply put, a balcony looks good to the audience.  Juliet is elevated above Romeo, making her seem less attainable, and even more beautiful while bathed in the manufactured moonlight.    Romeo is more easily hidden in the garden from her because Juliet’s sight lines are higher.


In short, it’s just more dramatic.  It gets the people going =D.

It is uncertain who used a balcony first in producing the play, but the idea most certainly caught on.  This is despite the enormous amount of artistic license taken by setting the scene in a balcony.  How certain is it that using a balcony is completely wrong for the setting?  Look no farther than the words of Shakespeare himself.  Remember that famous line?

But soft!  What light through yonder window breaks?  It is the east, and Juliet is the sun!



Yup, that’s right.  Romeo didn’t say, ‘balcony.’  He saw Juliet the good old-fashioned way:  through her window.

romeo and juliet verona italy


Windows are indeed part of the drama of life.  Light, fresh air, even visions of ones beloved through a window are all things that make living life richer and better.  Here in Florida, our windows let us see the tropical landscaping, the majesty of the sea, our pools lit at night.



Windows also protect us from the elements.  Our Florida Paradise features perfect weather so many days, but unfortunately we sometimes have powerful storms.  Not to worry:  With impact windows from Florida Window Experts you get the highest degree of protection possible with a minimum of fuss.

It’s true that Florida is the hurricane capital of the United States, and though some years pass with no storms directly threatening us, the months-long hurricane season offers many opportunities for such a storm to happen.

hurricane windows florida


Sure, you can board up windows with plywood or screw in sheets of metal hurricane shutters.  It’s not an entirely safe process, especially if you have to board up or shutter a second story.  Once erected, the boards or metal shutters are unsightly too—and afterwards the holes in your house from the screws don’t add to the overall aesthetic, either.  But perhaps the most worrisome part is the fact that once shuttered, exist through that opening is prevented.  And that most certainly can be dangerous.

Even accordion shutters are aggravating—they need service and yearly testing to ensure they remain operational. 




Florida Window Experts offers hurricane impact windows that protect from even the most severe hurricanes with none of the disadvantages of plywood or shutters.

You get peace of mind… and a view!   Perhaps you’ll see your own ‘love of your life’ through your new impact windows.  But one thing is for certain:

Once Florida Window Experts have installed your impact windows, you’ll never need to close shutters or put up plywood again.

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Florida Window Experts.  Our windows pay for themselves.

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