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The Window Experts has many very satisfied customers in South Florida and many more joining our family every day. As you know finding a great company to install windows in Florida can be hard. Why keep us to yourself?  Refer a friend and you’ll both collect a $100.00 reward.

We would like to encourage “Word of Mouth” referrals, neighbors telling neighbors, friends and co-workers about their experience with us. To add to the encouragement we have this special offer to our family of satisfied customers.

We will provide your friends, family and co-workers with the same great personal service you received and provide them with a written quote and show them all the benefits and savings replacement windows can provide.

When they make their purchase you earn a $100 Gift Card and your friend will receive a $100 matching savings certificate applied to his purchase.  Show enough friends and family your new windows and you might just earn enough referral fees to pay for your windows or more home improvements.

It’s very important for you to contact The Window Experts and register the names of people who you think might be interested in purchasing windows and doors. It happens more often than you would think, someone calls and tells us he “saw a house with our windows and can’t remember the name of the person.” If you registered that person’s name, you and he would receive $100. So it pays to register the names of everyone whom you have shown or talked to about your new windows.

Contact The Window Experts today and register the names of people who you think might be interested in purchasing window and doors. Let them know you are very satisfied with your installation and your new windows. Help your friends save money and receive additional income as a bonus!


Tell the world how much you love your new windows from The Window Experts and earn $25.00 every time you do.  This is easy money.  Just leave a review on Yelp, Google or with the Better Business Bureau and let The Window Experts know when the review appears on-line.  When The Window Experts verifies your review, we’ll send you a $25.00 gift card for up to three of your reviews.  Of course you can leave as many reviews as you like because we know from past experience you’re going to love our service.

Here are a few review sites to get you started.  Just click the links below:



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