How do I look up The Window Experts reputation?


It is very wise to check out every company before your invite them into your home.

Do you really want to spend the time with a salesman from an unlicensed or illegal company?  How could you trust any information they may give you?

The State of Florida provides an easy way for consumers to check out any company and every contractor.

First find out if the company is a legal Florida Corporation as required by law (ch. 479) with SunBiz.

Go to:

Click on “Search by name” type in “The Window Experts”;

3 listings show up. Click on the active one, that’s us. Note the “Registered Agent Name & Address”.  Then go back and enter the name of any other company you were thinking about inviting into your home. Also, very important, while you are looking up all the companies you are contemplating interviewing; write down the “Registered Agent Name & Address”.

Next check out the licensed person with Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR);


On the left side click on Search for a Licensee; then select “Search by Name”; then click the “Search” button.

Now enter the name of the Registered Agent; hit “Enter” on your key board or “Search”.

This lists all the licenses held by that person. You can then click on each license to see the details. At the bottom of the page there is a link “View License Complaint” this is where any complaints would be listed.

Better Business Bureau is a trusted source although unlicensed contractors continue to sneak into the BBB system all the time. Regardless of the BBB report, be sure to check everyone out with the State of Florida’s official sites noted above.

The Window Experts, Inc. is an Accredited Business and has an ‘A’ Rating. There have been no complaints against The Window Experts, Inc.

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