Florida Window Reviews | Customer Testimonial – Joel S., Delray Beach, FL

September 10, 2018

Mr. Daniel Van Dyk, President
The Window Experts
Boca Raton, Florida

Dear Mr. Van Dyk,

I just wanted to thank you and your company for the excellent product and service you have provided us. In this era of cheap materials and planned obsolescence, is refreshing to find a product that actually lives up to the quality and workmanship as promised; they are so far above the average window available today, I couldn’t be happier. More important than the quality of the product, however, is the quality of the company which provides and installs it, and you have been exceptional before, during, and (when needed) even after the installation. Your obvious concern for the needs and satisfaction of your customers is exemplary, Your office staff, your installation team, and you personally all reflect the care and consideration that is so often lacking in today’s hurry-up economy. Thank you for a job well done!


Joel S.

Delray Beach, FL


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